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The BFL Group is one of the world’s leading off-price retailer of fashion and homeware. Based in United Arab Emirates, the company serve over three markets across the Middle East and Europe. Brands for less journey started when their unique off-price business model – Brands for Less – was introduced to Lebanon in 1996. Four years later, in the year 2000, they had a home in the UAE. the company goal is to delight customers and entice them back with the promise of exceptional pieces that excite – all at up to 80% off the original retail price for fashion designer brands. they are ensures there is always something new to explore, desire and discover within our stores. their customers walk out with new items every time they visit any of the company stores. As Brands For Less, driven by optimized rapid-purchase strategies, became a phenomenon across the Middle East, the company expanded to engage new audiences. the company UAE presence evolved into their central operational hub from where they distribute rapidly to other markets. 

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